A career glassmaker, artist, and museum educator, Mack's passion for the craft of glass has guided his incredible experience ranging from factory piece work and industrial prototyping to artistic and architectural atelier fabrication and design.

For the past two decades, Mack's focused involvement and leadership in museum workshops has provided an incredible variety of challenges, projects and opportunities to be involved with. Part of this work-regularly placing him in direct collaboration with celebrated artists and designers from around the globe, Mack has for many years, guided the intensive processes of rendering their visions to life in glass. This broad and critical experience and unique exposure to some of the world's finest glass and art collections are enriched by His continued engagements both learning and teaching at prominent workshops internationally. 

The adventure of glass has fueled a love and curiosity for the material and over time- have brought him to  mastery of hot glass-as recognized by contemporaries and critics in the field. 

Mack's vision played out in glass is fueled by these experiences. His own creations speak of his love of the process. Particularly expressed in the Venetian style of work